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The electronic Bulletin Boards (BBs) are a members-only benefit, set up to allow members to easily communicate with each other. They allow members to post general questions or comments to the entire SOIC community*, and allow anyone to respond.
* to those members who have regsistered on the BBs.

About the Bulletin Boards
The SOIC BBs allow members to:

  • attach photos to their posts (helpful for describing an inkwel),
  • search the BB history for keywords of interest,
  • receive notification when someone replies to their post,
  • and more!

Primary discussion topics are called "General Categories," which are sometimes sub-divided into subcategories called "Child Boards" to make larger topics more managable.

Examples of Categories and Child Boards currently available:

  • For Sale (Members' Private Sales, Businesses Sales)
  • Museums & Collections (split by country)
  • Research (split by inkwell type)
  • Managing Your Collection (Keeping Track of Your Collection, Care, Collection Display)

Navigating the BBs is like navigating the file structure on your computer, or in your file cabinet. It is tiered, like this example:

For Sale   (Category)
  Members' Private Sales   (Child Board)
    "Selling Sullivan Traveling Inkwell"   (Member #1 post)
      "Can you post photos?"   (Member response to #1)
    "Selling Entire Collection"   (Member #2 post)

Note: You must register to use the BBs. You need to create an account (one is not automatically created for current or new members).

1. Go the the BB login page and register -- use the "login" link at the top left of the page. Use your current e-mail address and real name (your name can be changed in your Profile after you register if you want to.
2. The Administrator will verify your membership (using your current e-mail address) and approve you, and you will receive notification through the BB software that you are registered. (Note: if your current e-mail address is not of file with the SOIC, we will not be able to verify your membership -- please update this with us before registering.)
3. Start using the Boards!

Editing Your Profile
Your Profile contains information about your account (such as your user name and e-mail address), as well as information you choose to share with other BB members.

  1. To change information about yourself, including your privacy settings, go to your "Profile" -- and then don't forget the options on the left side under "Modify Profile".
  2. You can modify the "look and feel" of your interface by changing your Bulleting Board "Theme." The BBs have a standard theme set up by the administrator, but you can choose a different one by going to your Profile, and then on the left side clicking on "Look and Layout Preferences".

Adding Images to Your Post
If the image is on the web, insert it it in your post by using the "Insert Image" button, and then inserting the URL between the automatically inserted [img] and [/img].

If the image is on your computer, click on "Additional Options" at the bottom left of the post, and then click on "Browse" to point to your file on the computer.

Images are limited to:
- 128kb maximum attachment size
- 4 attachments per post
- 500kb total post size

For a screen shot of where these options are located, download this page as help sheet.

Adding a New General Category
To post a new General Category or Child Board, send your suggested title and description to the administrator for review. If it is approved, the administrator will add it.

Post Limitations
- Total post is limited to 500kb
- Up to 4 attachments may be added to each post
- Maximum attachment size is 128kb each

Forgotten Passwords
There isn't any way to retrieve forgotten passwords, which are encrypted for security reasons. However, on the login page there is an option titled "Forgot your password?" which allows you to set a new one.

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